The 8th Annual Mad Hatter Pub Crawl
The Biggest and the Best Crawl in Pacific Beach!

If you've been before then you know what to expect.  The biggest and most fun pub crawl of the year, The Mad Hatter Pub Crawl!!!  Where else can you walk and party with almost 200 people wearing wild and crazy hats going from bar to bar?  It only happens on Garnett Ave in PB.  That's it.  All you have to do is wear a crazy hat, bring some drinking and food money, and show up with some of your friends.  Of course, this has always been a no drama crawl, so if you have some friends you know cause problems, just forget to tell them about this event.  All the bars that participate will be on the schedule and have been a part of this event from the start way back when.  When you show up to this party, you know you'll have to bring it, ball caps just don't cut it here.  So start searching for your best hat and we'll see you down on the beach!  We will be raising money for Cancer as well this year.

Special things going on during the crawl this year:

  • Lanyards to All on Crawl
  • Drink Sprecials
  • Infinium Spirt Girls Joining us
  • Acoustic Session with Sunday Girl at PBBG (just for us)
  • Energy Stop Surprise (you know what this is!)
  • New Last Bar!
  • Dan Lavelle Charity Head Shave for Cancer?
All participants will recieve a VIP lanyard. Check out this years design, courtesy of
                                    RnB, Dan, Girl, Stacy and Jenn

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